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December 30th, 2003-

Update from Re- The quest will begin once they are all, er... grouped up. If your character is not there yet or has not joined, he/she may join the group before they leave or hook up with them later on.

Quest 1: "Conquer the black dragon of the North."

[ Note: I have just decided that instead of reaching a certain goal, they must complete a series of quests. It does not matter who completes the first series of quests, but they must be done, and in a certain order, although it is the last one that counts. ]


In generalities, Afterlife is an original character role-playing game where anything goes, as long as the rules are followed and nothing contradicts the storyline.

The basic member requirements are simple:
1) open minds
2) creativity
3) [at least] average writing skills
4) activeness
5) the ability to respect other players and get along with them

I am Re (aka Diab), the moderator. If you have any questions regarding the game, my LJ username is hikyoku.

Please take the time to visit the following links; the guidelines and the storyline are both required.

Storyline (history, setting, plot, etc.)
Character Profiles