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Caught off guard from the sudden attack while he was busy trying to introduce Doku, Ari let out a yelp and sprung backwards, arms flailing. Wincing as the teeth scraped across the surface of his flesh and part of his cheek, he brought both hands to his face (yes, including the fire enchanted one) with a frown. He blinked. Ehh...if his hands were empty, where was Doku..?


His head turned back and forth as he searched the half dead ground for any sign of the blob, looking up as he heard a loud *bllluurrrpppp* echo from the hybrid. It seemed the demon's flailing had, well, launched the little fuzzy onto the back of the hybrid. While the fact that poisonous and rather lethal fumes and waste leaked out of its body remained clear, that didn't mean it had very good grip, hence the fact that Ari had to carry it everywhere. On the other hand, if Doku stayed on any surface too long, it could easily sear a hole through the entire thing.

[[ooc::aka, the hybrid can flip Doku off (it's settled between the hybrid's wings, by the way) but if Doku stays on the creature's back too long, the beasty can expect quite a nasty wound.]]
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