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nice to meet you too, mister hybrid. [[ari]]

Ari frowned slightly as the creature attacked, almost giving an involuntary "tsk tsk tsk!" before he decided against it, instead giving the ball of flame a poke, blinking as the fire trailed up his arm, spiraling around the limb. The demon grinned and flicked the arm, laughing as the flames bounced up and resettled upon him, swirling around, but not quite touching his skin. Lifting his index finger, he concentrated a bit and pulled an imaginary trigger in his mind, a jet of blue flames erupting from his finger as he did so. Lifting his hand so that he could stare at it a bit more, he smiled and pretended he had an imaginary slingshot, shooting the fire at random places. Maybe it would have worked better if he had aimed the flames at the hybrid, but hey--the fire was only about a yard long...What was he going to do with that? Cook hotdogs for everyone? ...
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