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=_= don't touch me. [[ser]]

[[ooc:: [sighs] hai, killie. XD XD;;]]

Ser narrowed his eyes, lifting his arm to face the flames, palm outward, countering the fire blast with an oval crater of shadows that twisted and squirmed upon themselves, merely a black mass of shadows. Seeming rather strained as the fire was sucked into the void, he let his arm drop after the fire was no longer aimed at them, immediately clutching onto his elbow with his left hand. Pointing his arm downward, what looked like a sphere of fire was slowly formed under his hand, sudden bursts of fire bulging into the ball. The demon took said sphere and smothered it into the ground, an angry hiss of smoke pouring out of the hole that was created, though it did little more, the top of the sphere still poking out of the ground as the fire began to burn itself out.
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