rpgobstacles (rpgobstacles) wrote in afterlifexrpg,

[Hybrid] die you pitiful vermin! mwahahaha...

Surprisingly, the creature was more agile than one may think, its body moving quickly towards the side so that Kai's sword bit in and sliced only in the outer shoulder area. It gave a large keening sound, anger and rage mixed in with the sound of pain. A medium sized gash on its shoulder, the hybrid gave a snarl as blood dripped from its wound slowly.

The tail blade scrapped over its scales, puncturing it in a few places, but overall, didn't hurt it much. The creature was far more occupied with trying to rend the little demon beside it to pieces.

With a giant flap of its wings, the gryphon/dragon launched itself upwards, rearing back its head and spatting out torrents of fire at both Kai and the approaching Cujiro.

Spinning in the air, it streaked towards Ari and Ser, mouth opening wide as it blew down more fire at the brothers and the blobby thing.

(ooc. x.x this posts sucks, btw everyone, it's me, Icey *waves* ^^;;; Try not to kill the 'lil creature until Diab gets back >.>;;;)
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