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more non-fun-ness. [[ari]]

Ari winced from the contact, but said nothing as he pulled his glove back on, closing his eyes slowly. As he opened them again, there was a cold aura that expelled from the pools themselves, his eyes a violet so vibrant that they seemed to suck the life out of the very air he breathed. His pupils seemed to be extracted from his eyes, making the demon appear in a daze, though his movements were solid enough. He took a steady step foward, decreasing the distance between himself and the beast, merely observing the attacks that Kai set upon the hybrid.

Raising an arm, he slowly turned his hand so that the palm swivelled to face the sky, a dark ring appearing around him as he did so. A multitude of designs etched into the dark circle as it spun around him, glaring white lights emitting from the patterns as they continued along their path, moving faster and faster until they were no more than a faint blur. His light brown hair began to float above him as he moved his arm in front of him, raising it to a vertical position after it reached the center.

As he did so, a mass began to form beneath him, dark and blurry and reeking of a toxicating smell. The poisonous blob dripped violent acids that threatened to burn the demon as it emerged, snorting pops as it blubbered over itself and attempted to re-establish its solid form. The black markings underneath the demon faded, the invisible wind tunnel disappearing as well as the dark figure emerged, the deep cerulean blue returning to Ari's eyes as well. He blinked, his pupils visible once again after he did so, a grin covering his face as he kneeled down and picked up the blob, seemingly uneffected by the poison that reeked from its body.

/Doku!! Waaahhh, you've grown so big!/

In reality, it was probably only about twice as big as Firefly, who could fit into Ari's palm (which wasn't really that big in the first place). Not only that, but despite its rather grand entrance, it looked as if it could only pile over on itself as well. "Doku" let out a loud bblllurrrp as it splurted up and down, it rather glad to see Ari as well (apparently).

Of course, if one was actually watching the ground instead of the crazy demon who was dancing around with a blob, they'd probably notice that the plants that the drips of Doku's body touched had..well, burned and shrivelled away, to put it bluntly. Ouch.
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