Proxi (flyby311) wrote in afterlifexrpg,

[Kai] slice and dice (for lack of a better subject XD;; )

Kai turned to give Cian a short glare, feeling the breaking of the light shield, but letting him because he was fairly confident that the demon could take care of his brother.

He better, at least.

What was with everything breaking his barriers? Unconsciously his lips lifted slightly in a half snarl, mind formulating quickly, his fingers twitching slightly before he smirked. Gryphon, dragon, hybrid, who cares. All had weak points that a person could exploit.

Golden eyes narrowed coolly at the creature who was faced with empty air, Drache having rescued the kitsune from… well being eaten apparently.

May as well try to kill or distract the creature, he was the older brother after all.

That thought in mind, Kai visibly collected himself for a moment and then dived at the creature, the air considerably colder around him. With half a thought he summoned two long glittering ice swords, using one to strike at the creatures back, between the shoulder blades, while the other kept at ready to defend.

Wings flared out, banking violently, as his lower body came dangerously close to the ground. But he used his momentum to swing his tail towards the creature's neck, small blades made out of ice melding together with his tail, the slender appendage seeking any weak points in the underthroat.

Muscles, particularly the wing and shoulder area, flared with pain and discomfort, his wings flapping in short bursts to keep his position. The creature's tail could strike him if it was long enough, as well as the forelimbs if it could pivot quickly enough, the long neck would also enable the creature to use its muzzle to strike at him.

Well… that's why he kept the other sword as defense, his left hand raising it so it was diagonal across his body, at a ready position.

Apparently he was good at multitasking.

Kai ignored everyone else; attention focused fully on what he was doing and the creature before them.

(ooc. o.O;; Well... we weren't getting anywhere with just looking and talking to it ^^; Mrf, I wish I had a better description on what this thing looks like x.x Ah well *devises creature in her head* Fighting is fun XD;;; *stabbities creature* Oh yeah... and let's just assume that the kitsune had a shield ^.~ Let's not complicate things and have Cujiro's arm chomped off or something o.o;;)
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