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The hybrid hissed in displeasure as all of its attempts to eradicate the stupid creatures below it failed. But no worries, it had more than simple fire magic to keep them at bay from their intended goal. Then one of the targets disappeared and the scent reached it just a split second before the knife did, only allowing it to use its tail to try to deflect the attack from its hind leg.

Which it did, slightly, the knife going off only a bit from its intended placement of attack, cutting into the side of its leg and then slashing out again due to the force behind the knife and the slightly deflected placing of said knife. It cut through some muscles, but nothing extremely major and while it would hinder the movements -if it was on the ground of course- the damage wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Annoyance and anger intermingled in the hybrids cat-slit yellow eyes, it screeched with rage before flying down towards Ari and Cujiro, its large head striking out and the teeth moving towards Ari's neck. The fire on Ari's arm didn't faze it, fire did nothing to harm it, and the blobby thing…

Seemed to be only a blobby thing.

(ooc. One thing Cujiro, what you did in your attacks was slightly pp (powerplaying). Don't you think it unfair for the beasty if you attack it, only to run away before it could dredge up a good counterattack? ^^;;; This all, of course, is just for future reference, okay? ^^)
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