Curtis SMASH! (feralas) wrote in afterlifexrpg,
Curtis SMASH!

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[Curjiro] I guess I'll try to help.

Curjiro kept himself hidden as he strafed to the side, and somehow got himself behind the beast, may it be through the trees or even a "blink" (short teleportation). Curjiro pulled out his knife, and lunged.

"Take this!"

He was quick enough to do the "anime" version of a cut... his before-image appearing while he propelled himself by the beast, letting his knife slide into the beast as he rushed forwards. It would cut through the beast's hanches and it's Curjiro would end up tumbling after doing the attack, if anything, it would hinder it's movement... (Aim Leg).

Curjiro sniffled, and let the knife fall back into his cloak, deciding to place himself behind Ari.

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