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ALRIGHT EVERYONE. X______X What kind of rpg is this if it can't MOVE without its owner being around? T.T But that's not the point.

The point is, my characters are going to be ABSENT this whole week, so they're NPCs while I'm gone. Just...don't kill them or cripple them or anything.

ICEY-- I'm putting you in charge of the "RP Gobstacles"; you can just post from that account if you want. Just don't kill the monster, alright? >.>
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Sorry to say, I'm dropping out. v__v I can't do this anymore while being bombarded with work, school, chores, soccer, etc. I'm hardley online anymore. But, It was fun! ^.^;; Ja til next time~
yes, no fun. of course, you COULD just go on for five minutes per day and we'd still be fine. =_= eehhhhhhh, no fun-ness. [sighs and waddles off]
:P :P

Because it's owner HAPPENS to play the evil creature we are currently facing! XD;;;

*pouts* dun kill it...?

*evil grin* there are ways around that.
Now if I actually knew your password to that account Diab... x.x

IM me when you get on or something.
Yum yum, food.