Aiko Namika (aikonamika) wrote in afterlifexrpg,
Aiko Namika

[Kakka] Wheeee!

Kakka blinked at the being in front of him and sat back in surprise, his eyes wide. The creature was rather scary and he couldn't help but mantle a bit with fear, his dark wings partially spreading as if to take off into the air, though he was able to calm himself down and stay ground-bound. Gryphon-bound? Whatever...

His eyes went wide as first the beast lunged at the kitsune and then Dache got the other out of the way. Then he hissed as Kai attacked it, unconciously clenching his fingers in the fur/feathers of the gryphon beneath him. He wasn't much use in a fight (though a gigantic ice spike was often a bit of a detriment to attackers), as he was primarily focused on peace and Healing. So at this moment, he was fairly helpless. He hated feeling helpless.
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